Important New Study on How to Best Combat Coral Bleaching in the Future!  Please read!!   Coral Bleaching Recovery Plan 2017

Welcome to the West Hawai’i Fishery Council website.  This site is designed to give you all the information you may want to know about how the Council came to be, who we are, the work that the Council does, and even how to join!

The public is always welcome to our meetings, which are held on the third Thursday of every month, with the exception of December.  Anytime you wish to know exactly the  day, time and agenda, please look at Next Meeting.

The links above will guide you through the site and give you a one-stop site for fishing regulations in West Hawaii..  Using these links you can find out what nearshore ocean areas are under management and what is allowed or not allowed in each district.  Feel free to check in before and/or during every fishing trip!

There are also articles and scientific papers in the Library that can give you loads of information on the latest science of marine resource management.  Dig in!

For our most recent report card, check out:  2015 Report to Legislature